Disc Golf Companion

I started DGC as a hobby while I was still in school. I designed the app, wrote the code, and did the graphic design by myself. Once I completed the first iteration of DGC, I started Blackwood Software so that I could put it on the market. It is still the only commercial application ever released under Blackwood Software.

By the time DGC reached v2 it was arguably the best disc golf app in the world. It had the best features and the highest ratings of any of the disc golf apps out at the time. It included a pre-loaded database of all disc golf discs which is a feature that none of its competitors had. Unfortunately, with a full-time job at Teledyne Optech and without a team to help me I eventually had to shut the project down. At the time the app was removed from the market it still had an overall rating of ★4.52.

I still maintain the official DGC website for my portfolio: http://dgcompanion.com

Disc Golf Companion provides a feature rich in-depth score keeping experience combined with statistics tracking for disc golf players. Keep track of how well you play, not just by yourself but with other players.

The main feature that sets Disc Golf Companion apart is its extensive disc database system. It comes loaded with over 180 discs by the most common brands. Easily find the disc you're looking for, find the data of the discs you already have, and have particular discs recommended to you by using the filter system.

Score Keeping

Every aspect of the score keeping feature has been engineered for speed. The setup screen is designed to have you playing in as few clicks as possible, even after a fresh install. Up to four guest players and a customizable generic course are already provided. Guest players can then be saved as real players once a round is complete.

Disc Database

The Disc Characteristics database can be searched, sorted, and filtered. The 3-tier sort system allows you to arrange your discs in a number of different ways. The 3-tier filter system allows you to narrow down your list to find what discs are best for any situation.

Have some discs that are not included in the database? No problem. You can easily add your own discs to the database. Now you can search, sort, and filter them the same as the rest.

The Disc Characteristics database was compiled using over 180 discs from the most common brands. Please note that all information is derived from information posted by each brand. (In other words, numbers from one brand may not always match up to numbers in another brand.)

Player Statistics

Keep track of yourself. Keep track of your friends. Use the teams feature to see how well you play with other individuals.

Use the rank system (if you want) to judge your overall skill level at a glance.