Version Control

Software Update and Versioning Hub for the CZMIL System

When I first started working with Teledyne Optech's Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging LIDAR (CZMIL) system, all of the system software had to be updated manually. The system software included desktop applications, server applications, web applications, and embedded system firmware. Having customers update their own software typically involved writing complex procedures and then just hoping that they got it right. In some cases, I would have to remote access a system on the other side of the world because the customer didn't feel comfortable updating the software themselves.

I took it upon myself to develop version control software that would automate the updating process and log all of the interactions. The version control software is placed on the operator PC and allows anyone to perform the updates. Each piece of system software can now be updated with the touch of a button. When the update occurs, a copy of the previous version is created on the individual system being updated. A copy of the previous version is also stored on the operator PC, which allows the operator to revert back to the previous version as easily as updating.

Version Control handles the following types of software:

  • Linux Server Applications (CentOS)
  • Web Applications (Glassfish)
  • Windows Applications (Windows 7/10)
  • Embedded Systems Applications (BusyBox)

NOTE: This software is currently being phased out by the GSLIC software which handles all automated tasks for the CZMIL system.