CZMIL Log File Analyzer

Log Events

This software contains several lists of events that are used to match and translate particular occurrences in a log file. When a log file is opened, each line is checked for event matches. If a match is found, the event is then translated into human readable text and displayed in the Log Tree.

This image (click to enlarge) lists the priority levels that each event can be classified by. These priority levels can be used by the Log Tree View to filter out events based on level of severity. This gives a user the ability to direct their focus to the most urgent items in the log file.

Log Tree View

This image (click to enlarge) shows LogAn's Log Tree View. This view provides a way to view all of the events that are found in a particular log file. This allows the user to see a complete overview of what is in the log file without having to search through it manually. When a log file is opened, the events of interest are pulled out, translated into human readable descriptions, and placed into the tree. A number of different options are provided that will allow the tree contents to be viewed in a number of different ways for different situations.

Log Graph View

This image (click to enlarge) shows the Log Graph View. This view provides a set of plots that give a visual representation of the parameters contained in a particular log file. The parameters are plotted with respect to time and allow the user to see trends at a glance.

Log View

This image (click to enlarge) shows the Log View. It displays the contents of a log file in a typical text view and provides a more traditional way to analyze a log file. Even though the Log Tree concept reduces the need for viewing and analyzing this way, it can still be useful in many situations. LogAn provides a number of navigation tools as well as syntax highlighting for this view.